Why Here and Now?

Welcome to this expression of my vanity. Why am I writing for an unknown audience? Because I believe I have some ideas that are worth sharing, and experience that puts these ideas into context. Permit me to introduce myself. I am now a retired chemical engineer living in one of the politically reddest states in the nation – West Virginia. I have seen how the direction being taken by todays Republican party will lead to disaster as the nation veers away from science and reason-based policies, and veers towards protectionism and isolationism and unleashes the racism that abounds underneath the thin veneer of civility in our society.

This blog represents my small attempt at providing input into the public square in order to provide a dissenting view to that of the political party currently in power. This is not to say that the Democrats have the answers either. They are just as likely to try to put an antibiotic salve on the problems of society when we really need open heart surgery. We need another way altogether.

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